Reader: Don't blame homelessness on weed 


In the recent 2018 Insider issue, question 9 (Frequently asked questions about Colorado Springs, April 4), I was surprised to find the Independent blaming legal marijuana as one of the reasons for the large number of homeless people living in Colorado Springs. Is there any actual data to make this connection?

Since there is only medical marijuana available in Colorado Springs I find it hard to imagine that someone who is homeless and has little to no resources somehow manages to migrate here and then use a government-issued ID and money to get an appointment at a doctor's office to get a prescription to be able to purchase legal marijuana at a dispensary.

The causes of homelessness are many and varied, which is why it is such a hard issue to tackle in any city. Colorado Springs is a growing city and with the increase of any population will come an increase of both the good and not-so-good aspects that any populated city must deal with, homelessness included.

A visit to any other city, including our nation's own capital, will show that homelessness is, and has been, a problem for years with no quick and easy solution in sight.

The only thing constant is change, and using legal marijuana as a scapegoat for some of the city's problems like crime and homelessness is often easier than admitting that this city is changing, for better and for worse.

— Peter Sorrentino, Colorado Springs

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