Reader: Dr. Ford, History heard you 


Dear Dr. Christine Blasey Ford,

We believe you. We know you told the truth, and that you know who your attacker was: Brett Kavanaugh. We do not believe that you made any of this up, for political purposes or any other reason. We know you were not sincerely heard or taken seriously by the members of the Judiciary Committee. We know your accusation was deliberately stifled and drowned out by partisan rhetoric. We know that the FBI "investigation" was a political ploy, designed to make sure no evidence came to light, and to satisfy what remains of the conscience of the Republican Party.

And we know this story: the one about the over-privileged kid acting badly, assured that, thanks to his family's wealth, the rules don't really apply to him. And if we didn't know before, we know now why so few victims of sexual violence come forward. We know we have a long way to go before we can honestly claim to live in a just society; we know that there are powerful forces working against us, and how far those forces are willing to go.

We know, thanks to your courage, that Brett Kavanaugh is temperamentally unfit for the Supreme Court. We know that his extreme partisanship will do great damage to the legitimacy of one of the last fair and independent institutions we have.

We thank you for doing your "civic duty," sincerely this time. Your reluctance to come forward was justified. The fact that you did, under that spotlight, is a kind of patriotism few of us will ever be able to equal. We heard you, and history heard you.

— Bill and Aaron Eberhart

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