Reader: Dr. Mr. Mayor, do your job 


Mayor John Suthers said, "Colorado Springs is not a sanctuary city, and will continue to maintain this status regardless of what other Colorado cities determine for their communities." He admits, "Immigration is a Federal responsibility."

First, There's no "sanctuary" in "Sanctuary Cities." ICE can go anywhere.

Having local government perform a federal function is what Republicans call an "unfunded federal mandate." They fight those tooth and nail; "local control," you know.

Mayor Suthers says he's a "law-and-order guy." But there's no law requiring the city to perform a federal function.

His position doesn't increase "law and order." Kansas City Police Chief Terry Zeigler said: "... the real tragedy would be if the undocumented people in our community ... quit coming forward to provide information to police. Now that's going to have a big negative impact on crime and the quality of life in KCK."

Plus, a University at Buffalo study found no links between immigration and increased crime; instead, immigration appears linked to reductions in some types of crimes.

Mayor Suthers says, "...to the extent that people are unhappy with the laws, they ought to vote for people who will change them." We did vote for City Council "people." Rather than unilaterally appropriate city resources, Mayor Suthers should, in advance, get City Council approval.

Because it's not about "law and order" or city policing. The motivation is clear: racism. Instead, Mr. Mayor, do your job, not the federal government's, to increase, not decrease, "law and order."

— Bob Powell, Colorado Springs

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