Reader: Fowler is code-wording to the max 


I received an expensive mailing from Chuck Fowler advocating himself as my "wisest choice" for City Council District 3. I searched for the wisdom in what he considers wise.

"Governments do not create jobs" is his first statement of economic wisdom. Does he think road crews repairing and upgrading our streets are working for free? Does he think businesses seeking to come to or stay in Colorado Springs are not influenced by how well the city works and appears? Apparently not.

He advocates infrastructure spending — but avoids advocating for Ballot Issue 2, which will fund infrastructure repairs necessary for our commitment to Pueblo with regard to the Southern Delivery System, built to support growth for 50 years. Seems like government does and did create jobs.

Then he talks about "temptation of excessive regulation in the name of responsible policy-making." Blather! That's what government is about: governing. Fowler considers it irresponsible to "regulate" (inhibit?) entrepreneurs and economic growth. Wisdom says that if economic growth is harmful and entrepreneurs want to function in harmful ways, then inhibit away.

Fowler is code-wording to the max the gibberish of so-called conservative economics that squeals at any regulation of growth — even to denying scientists who say fossil fuel use is burning up the planet.

The weirdest of Fowler's issues is homelessness, which he ties to marijuana legalization. His already questionable "sense" (wisdom?) is that he would engage our "community" in gathering data to support his "sense." Some objectivity there!

Then we should spend time and money to decide MJ is harmful and increasing homelessness. He assumes homelessness will be greatly reduced if MJ is de-legalized. Suppose we just follow Salt Lake City, providing housing and jobs for the homeless.

If Fowler would operate with such biased "wisdom," good Lord, deliver me.

— Bob Kinsey, Colorado Springs

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