Reader: Get over it and win 2018 together 


We absolutely have to get past the 2016 election, or we will lose 2018 and most of all, lose the gift that Donald Trump has given us — being able to provide a true alternative to the GOP agenda of destroying our nation ("Former County Democratic Party leader forms new club to keep politicking," News, Sept. 20). That means setting aside personal feelings over how unfair it was that our preferred candidate for president lost.

Acting on those kinds of feelings is a form of selfishness, where we put our emotional needs ahead of the needs of our country on issues like equality for all races/creeds/enthnicities/sexual orientations, health care, endless war, ending unlimited campaign contributions, providing access to education for all, and many more issues that all Democrats (and quite a few Republicans) fundamentally agree upon. We must focus on the needs of our country and all our fellow citizens, not on our own emotional self-gratification.

My advice is to take a tennis racket and beat a pillow yelling "Dammit! It's unfair! I hate the unfairness! I hate feeling cheated! I hate what's happened!" until you're exhausted. Then have a nice cup of tea and go meet someone you would have fought with and plan to win 2018 together!

— Eric Novikoff, Denver

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