Reader: Give it to the rich, who cares? 


As the tax plan slowly winds its way to the president's desk, one cannot help but notice that the microphone Muppet team of Nancy and Chuck are denouncing it as a giveaway to the rich. It's a tired old refrain played over and over.

I say that if it does favor the rich — so what and who cares? I know that I'm supposed to despise the wealthy according to Democratic philosophy, but it's beyond foolish to sign on to that kind of nonsense. Why punish success, given that the hope of every parent is that their children grow up to be self-sustaining and successful. Who among us wants their children to be on the dole in their adulthood? Success doesn't have to be defined by wealth alone but it does require a certain level of self-reliance and dedication to something, and somewhere along the line, some assets, and that usually means dollars.

Democrats will not get on board with any tax cut program at this point, even though JFK himself was a pro tax cut president. It's not any longer about what is best for America. It's about hate of a president and the next election.

Fairness and equality are the buzz words of the Democratic party. So shouldn't those who actually pay the most taxes, get the most relief or at least some relief? I submit that the biggest tax break should rightfully go to the wealthy and to corporate tax relief, and that is in the best interest of the nation. For those who disagree, I ask you this question. When was the last time a poor person gave you a job or funded your favorite charity, or endowed the arts or built a new hospital wing?

— Len Bentley, Colorado Springs

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