Reader: How far does America need to fall? 

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During the days following Jan. 20, 2017, the blatant and outright lies and "alternate facts" began.

Trump, through either lies or severe delusion, stated to the CIA that the crowd that gathered to bear witness to his anemic inauguration was populated by numbers of people "in the millions."

The next day, lackey Sean Spicer was forced to announce to the press that "this was the largest crowd ever to witness a presidential inauguration. However, this was quickly refuted by a simple comparison of pictures from President Obama's inauguration shown next to the relatively sparse crowd attending Trump's.

The events that happened in Charlottesville were not just horrible and vile, they were an assault on all of the American people — people who showed up to counter-protest the Neanderthals posing as White Nationalists, Neo-Nazis and Nazis.

As much as I dislike Ivanka Trump, at least she did the right thing and condemned this atrocity. Forty minutes later Trump comes out and blames "all sides" for responsibility for this vile act of cowardice. How effing presidential!

I can only imagine that it took H.R. McMaster considerable resolve to convince Trump that he needed to come out and condemn this barbarism.

It should not surprise anyone capable of critical thought, especially given Trump's relationship with Steve Bannon, who is associated with the Alt-Right and has now returned to work as executive chairman at Breitbart News.

I ask, beg of our elected officials: When is this ineptitude, embarrassment of America, lack of any social graces much less political acumen going to be enough? How far does America need to fall in the world's standing before someone either gets a set of testicles or a spine or begins impeachment proceedings against this scourge on America?

— James Shumaker, Colorado Springs

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