Reader: I apologize 


Being himself

I apologize...

...for being white (Caucasian),

...for being of European descent (Italian),

...for being Christian (Roman Catholic),

...for standing and saluting our Flag during the National Anthem (retired Air Force),

...for not hugging trees (can't get my arms around them),

...for eating meat (I also eat fish),

...for celebrating Columbus Day (remember, Italian),

...for saying "Merry Christmas" (Christian, remember),

...for staying married to the same woman for 45+ years (I love her),

...for thinking a person, even in Alabama, is innocent until proven guilty (I'm funny that way),

...for being a Conservative Republican (I once was a liberal Democrat, but then I grew up),

...for being heterosexual,

...or being attracted to women (isn't that the same thing?).

Did I get them all? Well, if I didn't... I apologize.

— Charles M. Prignano, Major, USAF, Retired, Colorado Springs

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