Reader: I'm done with Doug 


On May 31, candidates running in the Republican primary for United States House of Representatives District 5 had their only debate. Four of the five running were there to discuss issues important to the voters whose support they want to win. Who was absent? The incumbent: Rep. Doug Lamborn.

Am I the only voter in Congressional District 5 who feels like Rep. Lamborn is the silent member of Congress? I never hear him in the media. I never hear of him meeting with people around District 5. I never hear about him holding town halls in the district. I never hear him lead on any conservative cause even though he has been in Congress for 12 years! And now he is dodging debates.

In addition, Doug has little monetary support from Colorado, and even less from his district — the people he is supposed to represent. If you visit fec.gov, you can peruse all the contributions made to Rep. Lamborn's campaign. What you will find is disturbing.

The top 16 contributions made to Lamborn's campaign are all from different PACs and political interest groups, including Project West PAC, Majority Committee PAC, IDT Corporation PAC, and the Florida Congressional Committee. What!?

In addition, two-thirds of his top 100 itemized individual donations are from outside the state of Colorado, leaving only a third from his home state, much less from his district. If you contrast that to one of his main competitors, state Sen. Owen Hill, more than 80 percent of Owen's top 100 itemized individual contributions have been from Colorado.

Rep. Lamborn's lack of support from his home state and district is highly concerning. But, it's not as concerning as his decision not to participate in the only primary debate. That is simply not how representation of, by and for the people is supposed to work. The voters of the 5th Congressional District in Colorado deserve better. Come primary day on June 26, the voters should be #DoneWithDoug.

— Zach Mettler, Colorado Springs

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