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Sen. Cory Gardner held a town hall meeting this morning. As he was handed the mic, a balding, overweight boor yelled, "Cory, you suck!"

This man continued to yell similar stuff throughout the meeting, but not often enough to disrupt the conversation. A couple of women did about the same during the latter half of the meeting.

The audience behaved for the most part, getting a little boisterous at the end. Almost all of the questions and comments revolved around health care, with many calling for single payer. I am sure they were there, but I did not witness anyone favorable to repealing the Affordable Care Act except the senator.

A disproportionate amount of time was spent on health, so scant attention was placed on highways, North Korea and tax reform or other issues. If Cory had voted against the skinny repeal of Obamacare, we could have talked about a lot of other things.

Kudos were given several times to Gardner for his strong stand concerning Trump's feeble comments on the racist tragedy in Charlottesville. A few wanted the senator to oppose Trump about everything, claiming he was "unfit to be president." The "unfit" comments came as shout-outs, not by anyone authorized by card lottery to speak.

Sen. Gardner presented himself well, took the rhubarbs in stride and answered the challenges well. He should be pleased with his performance and I hope this will encourage him to have more town halls.

— Tim Haley, Colorado Springs

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