Reader: Man-made climate change is real whether you believe in the science or not 


In the Indy's Jan. 16 Letters section ("Climate stance?"), Mary J. Talbott raised some important questions for our elected officials. 1. Do you believe climate change is real? 2. Do you believe that humans are contributing substantially to climate change? 3. Assuming you answered yes to 1 and 2, are you willing to support the creation and implementation of an ambitious plan to combat climate change in Colorado Springs?

The problems with these questions are that they only require a yes or no, and they still allow elected officials to spend time debating the reality of this world. I, frankly, am done debating the non-debatable. So, this next election cycle, we need to reframe the debate. We must ask these officials: 1. Do you acknowledge the overwhelming science on climate change? 2. How to you intend to make green climate change policy central to your city plan?

Man-made climate change is real whether you believe in the science or not, and simply supporting the idea of a policy to combat it does not require you to think of one. Any candidate running for office should be able to say yes to question one and have a detailed answer for question two. Otherwise, we don't have time to take them seriously.

—Trevor Thomas

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