Reader: "Marijuana Land"? Seriously? 


I hope our residents are not getting all of their legalized-pot information from the Gazette’s editorial board. The board’s been pretty noisy since the Attorney General Sessions hubbub, but their talking with a few local cops, educators and doctors hardly convinces me that Colorado is doomed. Please do your own research and look at real data. Studies exist supporting any view — the Gazette provides one view on this issue.

It didn’t take me long to realize that in the years since legalization, changes in rates of pick-your-topic may or may not be because of legal pot. An impartial researcher should find that the sky might be falling, but it also might not be. I trust our political leaders are not “ignoring” major pot problems, as expressed in a recent editorial board viewpoint headline, or “looking the other way” regarding the cartels. And referring to Colorado as “Marijuana Land.” Seriously? I don’t recall the Gazette ever opining after a shooting and calling Colorado “High-Capacity Magazine Land” or similar nonsense.

As for the “soaring” pot-involved traffic death rate to which the board referred at least twice in a recent week: I read the Gazette every day and I watch the news. Unless I am missing something, I don’t recall the cause of a traffic death ever being someone high on pot. Wouldn’t our daily paper support their view by printing every example of bad news related to pot? Perhaps there isn’t so much bad news as there is negative opinion. Not wearing a seatbelt seems to be the usual cause of death (something we believe more common here than anywhere else we have lived… are we “No Seatbelt Land?”). So “pot-involved” and “pot-caused” are different: Everything can be involved, and yet not have anything to do with causing the accident.

Hey, in writing this letter I’ve discussed two things actually proven to harm Coloradans: guns and not wearing a seatbelt. I think there’s plenty evidence of both so it’s not opinion. My family does not sell pot and we don’t use it. There are no doubt challenges to address, but the biggest effect on us so far is that now sometimes the most attractive building on a street happens to be a pot shop. And we’re OK with that.

— Jeff Cahill, Colorado Springs

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