Reader: Move toward compassion 


Mr. Prignano's so-called "apology" mocks all sorts of people whose mistreatment he neither understands nor cares about (Letters, Nov. 22). I would invite him to find out more about lives that don't look like his: the lives of non-heterosexual people, of the families of unarmed black men who were shot by the police (the point of the "national anthem" protests), of Jews, Muslims and other non-Christians (some of whom are fine being wished Merry Christmas and some of whom would prefer that their religions not be rendered invisible every winter), of women who have been harassed and assaulted by men in various positions of power and then disparaged by men like Mr. Prignano, of Native Americans (who are still here and still suffering from the genocide unleashed on them hundreds of years ago), of people who are concerned about global climate change because they want the planet to be viable for their grandchildren, and, yes, of liberal Democrats (who only seek a society in which everyone gets to have a good life regardless of their race, sexuality, gender, or other identities).

I believe that if Mr. Prignano learned about the people he scorns in his letter, he might find his heart turning from contempt to compassion (a central Christian trait). That would be a truly wonderful day.

— Amanda Udis-Kessler, Colorado Springs

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