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To Doug Lamborn: During the previous eight years, while President Obama served as president, you verbally and through your actions made it perfectly clear that not only did you dislike Obama, you also had a significant amount of contempt for most any executive action or piece of legislation that he and the Democratic Party tried to pass, most notably the Affordable Care Act.

As your constituent, I must write this letter to you expressing not only my extreme frustration but also my colossal anger and disgust at both the GOP and you yourself as my representative for the continued attack on the ACA without any sort of replacement to ensure a good majority of the lower class, working poor and those living in poverty have a viable and comprehensive alternative to the ACA. This action is not only blatantly vindictive toward President Obama, it is downright cruel and unjust toward those populations.

This action goes way past a difference of opinion and party lines; it is openly hostile and callous to the suffering of Americans who are experiencing difficult economic times. You and the rest of your colleagues in the GOP are seemingly without any concept of empathy or compassion to those of your constituents that happen to be in a lower economic class than yourself.

It seems to me that your time "serving the people" as an elected representative has been about one thing only. Lining your pockets to the fullest extent and being a sycophant to GOP leaders such as Ryan and the treasonous president Trump!

I certainly hope that your actions and motives become apparent to more than the Democrats, and Independents in El Paso County vote with their conscience and consider your actions and voting record at the next election.

— James J. Shumaker, Colorado Springs

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