Reader: My AR-15 will never kill anyone 


I'm a Colorado native and went K-12 at Manitou Springs. I read your letter titled "Not praying, not thinking." I grew up far left but now sit middle right. I'm also a supporter of gun rights and the right to bear arms. It's horrible that we have to even have these talks about mass shootings and extreme violence. These mass shootings are an atrocity and leave our country in shambles with a lot of unanswered questions.

After a shooting, I unfortunately see some people jump on the "gun control" bandwagon and shout "no more guns!" or "we need an assault weapons ban now!"

I can't help but shake my head. I understand the pain and suffering that comes from one of these horrible instances but I have to throw some logic in the mix. The guns did not shoot these people ... a person shot these people. Guns have been around for hundreds of years and this has never happened at this rate before. I believe that there is a correlation with prescription drug use and these shootings. Either way we need to look at the reason behind these and not just the tool used.

Also, gun-free zones do not work. They are a nice idea but they create a target for these deranged individuals.

I think we need a better mental health system with more provisions for vets and unstable people. We need more action from the community and from the police force recognizing red flags of these people.

But in the end, I can guarantee you that my AR-15 sitting in my safe will never kill anyone. I can also guarantee that if there is ever the unfortunate moment when your life needs saving... you just might think and pray you had a firearm.

— Wesley Santiago

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