Reader: Our country has become a Dumpster fire of hate 


What has become of our country? Every day I read the news. Each day I see a corrupt government wage its war on good people and children. An immoral president, surrounded by an army of immoral men and women, profane the ideas that made this country a land of promise into a Dumpster fire of hate and bigotry. Looking into their eyes, I see the same spark that lit the furnaces at Auschwitz. Instead of being an example of truth and justice, we are digressing into a police state and cozying up to war criminals. If we do not turn the course soon, America and the idea of liberty and freedom could be lost. Action must be taken.

It is easy as Americans to be complacent. We have lived with ideas of liberty and rule of law for so long we take for granted that it cannot be taken away by thugs backed by a Russian agenda, but that is what is happening. The Republicans, eager for payback and to push their policies, have surrendered their souls to a growing evil. Americans must take a stand. The supporters of the current administration are a dark minority of ignorance. I believe the majority of Americans seek the good and must rise up and take back control of a government that would see this nation in chains. Let our voices be heard in the voting booths this November. Take to the streets in peaceful demonstrations. Press our representatives to demand that justice, goodness and moral values be returned to our government.

— R.W. Davis, Colorado Springs

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