Reader: Parks aren't only for the middle class 


Emma Lambert ("Whose parks?" Letters, Sept. 26). Could you be any less compassionate, or any more full of yourself?

I personally assure you that it is safe to go to the park and walk past those lovely dwellings, full of law abiding citizens. My sources say that the jail is presently full of "vagrants." So if they didn't get swooped up in this last sweep of the homeless community, those campers have abided by every law that Ms. Lambert abides by.

The bums also had to prove their innocence against the many, many intolerant laws that are geared at making poverty a crime. It's so sad to think how far advanced we humans have become, that there are still humans on Earth that don't have the most basic survival needs met. If you are disgusted by the rise in homelessness, you might want to look at the big picture of what's causing it. In this paper world the middle class is just a pink slip away from being bums.

— Gary Brunk

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