Reader: 'People who use profanity have a limited vocabulary.' 


I just read your latest "Back to School" edition (Aug. 2). Regarding your opening commentary, Trump Tracker, by Baynard Woods:

I feel that the commentary, "Please quit saying 'It's not normal,'" has crossed the line of good journalism. While Mr. Woods would like to sound chummy, as if in a barroom chat with your readers, he cannot do that in a quality journal — even if he feels the Independent is an "alt-weekly." Words/phrases like, "bulls**t," "creepy as s**t," and "f***ked up" are not helpful to his argument with this audience.

I used to pick apart articles from The New York Times when I was in a high school journalism class. Would you want to show this commentary to a high school class?

Should a teacher say: "Using expletives is an excellent way to make your point"? A person I dearly respected once said to me: "People who use profanity have a limited vocabulary." That may not be backed up by scientific research, but it is an impression held by many.

I sincerely hope that this is NOT the new normal in journalism. Editors pay heed, unless you want Anthony Scaramucci as a respected columnist.

— Peter Knepell, Colorado Springs

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