Reader: Prayers and concealed guns won't change a thing 


A note to all NRA members: I understand your fears about being attacked by criminals or lunatics. It must be comforting and even a little macho to check that pistol you carry concealed. The police might not get there in time, so you can shoot criminals and lunatics yourself.

But things are not what they were. One weapon of choice for mass murderers is now the rented truck or car, or a vantage point out of range of your pistol.

You can bet that a number of people sitting in that movie in Aurora were carrying concealed. None of them fired back. It wouldn't have done any good anyway, since the shooter was wearing protective gear and besides, if the police came into a scene of a gun battle, they would not know who were the bad guys.

No one in the Las Vegas massacre fired back; their concealed pistols were useless. And imagine walking down a crowded sidewalk, talking to your friend, when suddenly a car or truck mows you and others down, crushing them and you. Your pistol will do you no good.

My practical advice is to follow the success in Australia. In the 1990s, a horrible mass shooting prompted a bipartisan set of strict laws bringing in gun control. The government then bought a million guns from citizens. No more mass shootings.

You can stand around and hold hands and pray until the sweat runs down your face. Your prayers and your concealed guns won't change a thing. You have to actually do something and give up your now-worthless gun.

— Larimore Nicholl, Colorado Springs

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