Reader: Renewable energy is vital 


It can be depressing to hear about the clear and present danger of climate change and our seemingly irreversible path toward destruction. Renewable energy is vital to the solution. We now have an important catalyst in the equation; it's called the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, or H.R. 7173. This bipartisan legislation has the support of scientists and economists alike. Extensive studies have shown it will reduce America's emissions by at least 40 percent within 12 years. This policy places a predictably rising fee on fossil fuels with money collected returned to American households, thus it is revenue-neutral. A border carbon adjustment protects U.S. manufacturers and jobs.

We have reached a tipping point and doing nothing is a choice, but one we will regret. H.R. 7173 is a tangible step toward a long-term solution. Don't let your kids down, contact your senators and representatives today and ask for their support on this important legislation.

— Andrea Storrs

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