Reader: Support full investigation of Russian influence or resign 

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The GOP base works hand-in-hand with Vladimir Putin's Russia. In fact, the GOP is in a marriage of convenience with Russia.

Following the election of President Obama, Russian intelligence recognized an opportunity in disaffected GOP voters. You know them as the tea party movement, religious right and the alt-right. Russian intelligence used information warfare to win over these groups through careful messaging.

Their main method was social media, where Russia tailored its anti-American message. They claimed that Russia, not the U.S., was the moral compass of the world. They attacked all of Obama's policies, claimed we lacked family values and opposed anything concerning the LGBTQ community. All these messages appealed to the GOP base. People like Christian conservative Franklin Graham, praising Putin's anti-LGBTQ policies.

Conservative commentator Pat Buchanan said Putin is one of us in the "culture war for mankind's future"! They drew a line in the sand between Obama and Putin, and sided with Putin over a sitting U.S. president. THEY CROSSED THE LINE! Don't let them forget that!

Russian intelligence used social media influence and trolls to support the GOP and conservative messages of federal government overreach. The GOP base helped Russia spread conspiracy theories across social media, all designed to instill hate of our federal system. They hate the U.S. government.

The GOP base, the NRA and the patriot movements also helped Russia spread propaganda that Obama and the federal government were coming for citizens' guns. In fact, Russia encourages patriot militia groups like the Oath Keepers to oppose the U.S. government. Russia and this GOP base believe that our U.S. federal government is the enemy, not Russia.

The GOP and others of the patriot movement ARE NOT PATRIOTS!

Now, with this knowledge I respectfully ask for all elected officials affiliated with the GOP to support a full investigation into Russia's interference in the election — or step down and resign.

— John Foley, Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and career intelligence officer, Colorado Springs

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