Reader: Take a closer look at the urban deer problem 


In response to Deborah Janke's letter of Aug. 22: if Ms. Janke is so concerned about the welfare of mule deer in the Pikes Peak region, I invite her to visit Teller County at her convenience. In Teller County she will find nearly forty (40!) mule deer per square mile and their population in competition with humans. In fact, she will find many of the hillbillies of Teller County encouraging and feeding mule deer to the point that subsistence farming and the existence of hardwood or fruit trees in Teller County is not possible. Not possible because the mule deer have joined us here in town and they eat anything. To the point that even in the dead of winter our mule deer will munch down on inedible conifers. What Ms. Janke will find is that animals we should be harvesting and eating are being allowed and encouraged to destroy our own urban environment.

When nature responds, as she should, and sends predators like mountain lions and bears into town — inept local government launches an attack on the predators. This mistaken response is taken to such extremes that Teller County keeps wolves in cages and will not ever allow them access to a deer. And the ignorant here continue to feed deer and cry out for their protection.

— Steven Shepard

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