Reader: That echo of the last days of Nixon is one big 'I told you so' 

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I hate to say I told you so, but I did. Actually, I don't hate saying that. I, and so many others, warned anyone who would listen not to vote for an incompetent lout for president, but look what they did.

Now, as we survey the wreckage of the failed Trump presidency, we see the savagery of his attempts to deport hardworking immigrants, the viciousness of his haphazard and deadly "health" bill, the almost comic appointments of cabinet heads who are there because they hate and want to sabotage the departments they pretend to administer.

Now we have Trump caught recklessly and with extreme carelessness spilling top secrets to Russian big shots.

In an echo of the last days of the Nixon presidency, Trump, like Nixon, obstructed justice by firing the head of the investigation against him. As somebody said, "There is a cancer on the presidency." The White House is reduced to a zany, slapstick Saturday Night Live skit of aides hiding in bushes and rank confusion. We have government by tweets from a twit.

Now, I know that the ever-dwindling Trump "base," (aka the tea party), will be enraged by this appraisal of the Trump catastrophe, and will attack me vigorously.

But I can take criticism. Over the years, I've been called many names. I can take it.

So let's all keep smiling and writing.

— Larimore Nicholl, Colorado Springs

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