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Colorado Springs is a city of 195 square miles that has almost doubled in population since 1990. As the population keeps increasing so will density. Countries like Denmark and Netherlands have narrow streets and higher population density than the Springs, and most trips to school, work and the store are accomplished by bicycle. A dozen bicycles and riders can fit in the same space as one vehicle transporting one person. So when you see a bicycle lane, even if it is empty at the moment, it is reducing congestion and aggravation for transportation users of all kinds. There are also the issues of air quality and health that are improved by bicycle use.

The first lobbyist to petition the United States for a road system and paved roads was the League of American Wheelmen [now Bicyclists]. Bicycles were the mechanized mode of transportation long before cars and trucks. The League currently rates states (Colorado is ranked sixth) and cities across the country. Colorado Springs is rated as "Silver," much lower than many Colorado cities. Yes, we are building bike lanes so that people of all ages can feel safe riding bicycles and not have to compete with cars and trucks for space on the road.

The progressive government of Colorado Springs is looking to keep this a desirable place to live and work with a high quality of life. Freedom to move is essential and bicycle travel will increase in need and usage as the population continues to grow.

The first step in development and improvement of an area for human use in housing, work and living is building a road or path to get there. That is what is happening with the bicycle lanes. Bicycle lanes are a path to give people access to move freely and safely in our community. That endeavor, that freedom, is what America is about.

— Nard Claar

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