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Vulnerable: That one word sums it all up. Our local, state and federal politicians don't get it but our kids do. Vulnerable means being susceptible to physical and/or emotional attack or harm. Feeling powerless, defenseless, helpless. Ever feel that way? I have, a few times in my life, and most of you probably have too.

Remember how that felt? That adrenaline rush, feeling out of breath, rapid heartbeat, trembling, muscle tension, your brain shuts down, you feel like you can't think or reason. How did you cope, once the threat passed? Probably relived the event in your mind, thought about how to avoid or prevent it from happening again, how to reduce it, how to fight back. Just thinking about facing that potential future threat again brings feelings of anxiety.

That's what gun violence does. Even the unexpected sight of a gun, especially if it's not holstered but in someone's hands, evokes fear. So why is it okay to expose our children and ourselves to this ongoing threat? Why don't our politicians do something to protect us?

Could the answer be that politicians feel less vulnerable than the rest of us? Members of Congress are provided safety and security in the Capitol Complex by the United States Capitol Police. In addition, the Secret Service provides varying levels of protection to the president, vice-president, some Cabinet members and other important insiders, sometimes including their families. Then there are all the protections provided by local and state law enforcement.

Who wouldn't feel safe, secure, protected when surrounded by gun-totin', highly trained, free-of-charge, security personnel? You can't help but wonder how our politicians and their families would feel if such security was completely and fully withdrawn. Vulnerable would be my guess. Once we level the playing field, we can get on with the business of common-sense gun reform.

— Glenn Perry, Colorado Springs

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