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Reader: The Gazette blew it again 


Regarding the Gazette's Aug. 16 editorial, "Nation needs civility among Trump, media": I was pleasantly surprised (and proud?) to see that our daily paper joined over 300 others to denounce the president's war on the media. Until I read it. It was a classic case of "speaking out of both sides of your mouth" at the same time. Trump has First Amendment rights, too. But we wish he would stop. How can you blame him, with all of the negative press? But he brings it on himself. Readers can't trust any mainstream news. The news? Only our local paper. Seriously? I know the difference between news and opinion. And notice Fox was not listed in the piece?

Why Trump does it is another discussion, but my conclusion from the Gazette's contribution to this nationwide effort is that the press is sort of the enemy of the people, but not really. Of course, we should consider the majority of the Gazette's readers. Subscription renewals are just as important to them as his base is to Trump. And just like every day for Trump, the paper's editorial board was handed a no-brainer opportunity to be on the right side of history. In my opinion, the piece was not good enough and they blew it.

— Jeff Cahill

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