Reader: The homeless issues aren't getting any better 

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There is a homeless problem and it is getting worse. Some causes begin with money trouble and spiral from there — very low income versus ridiculously high shelter and hygiene costs. Then they get robbed, prosecuted and jailed. Those who stay alive, that is. What they need is evening places to shower and obtain clean clothes, a hot supper without preaching, and a safe place to sleep that does not treat them like a criminal. This can help them achieve a full day of employment and the opportunity to lift themselves up.

I have been homeless. I didn’t really care for it. I got wet and cold. I got robbed. I got turned down for work because I had no facilities most take for granted. None of that was fun or entertaining to me. It’s a hard existence, and I don’t want to do it again.

When you are driven to that unpleasant situation, you find out how everyone else looks at you as trash. These people need help, not hate. It’s the rest of you who need to change! If you have a soul, lives matter a lot more than money. Otherwise, you are worthless no matter whether you have billions or are penniless!

— Doug Harvey, Colorado Springs

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