Reader: There is no longer intent to inform and educate 

For some time now, both in the media and in social media, we have seen the commentary becoming more and more divisive. It seems there is no longer intent to inform and educate, and all that is left is the intent to vent and hurt the opposition. For me, these sources become more and more irrelevant. At one time the vicious attacks were rare and censured. However, many of our neighbors no longer see these attacks as taboo.

Increasingly we see these slurs as entertainment viewed on entertainment programming. As it becomes more common, our youth believes this is the norm and participates in similar communication. Is this the legacy we want for our youth? Do we really want them to live in a world where violent propaganda is entertainment and where those who perpetrate the most heinous acts are coveted for viewership by the media? Social media seems to emulate the media.

We see those we believed to be normal people screaming overly hostile propaganda at their neighbors, with no evidence to back up their indictments. Regardless of party affiliation, religious views and race, we are all neighbors, whether we like it or not. We are all, in some way, responsible for the welfare of those in our community. We can choose to vilify or we can choose to have patience and take the time to understand the views of those we consider to be the opposition. The future is in YOUR hands.

— Ted Mische, Peyton

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