Reader: There is plenty of school choice already 


Can we call a halt to the nonsensical spouting of those who claim there isn't enough school choice?

There are 208 total schools in this city, including the many fine public school districts, charter schools, religious schools of nearly every denomination, many good private schools not religiously affiliated, and a host of others.

In the face of the surfeit of schools available to all, how can anyone say with a straight face that there isn't enough "choice"? If anyone rejects this plethora of choices, they can simply "home school." Of course, this would risk the supreme arrogance of pretending that the parents are superior in expertise as contrasted with college-trained and certified teachers in fields like math, physics, literature, biology and all the others.

One of the major newspapers in the city relentlessly and ruthlessly attacks teachers' unions, which are the best protection for teachers against arbitrary and capricious treatment and even firing. Columnists for that paper trash public schools and colleges for too much leniency, and others complain about the amount of vacation time afforded teachers as well as their pension benefits. They continue to bring the teaching profession into disrepute and then wonder why there is a shortage of teachers with the resignation of so many so soon after entering the job.

One suspects that all these attacks from right-wingers may actually be an ongoing effort to force a voucher system upon us. This would allow funding religious schools of all kinds with taxpayer money from agnostics and atheists like me. It is yet another attempt by religionists to insert themselves into the public realm. There are already enough religious schools in the mix.

So, give it a rest. Schools should not be churches.

— Larimore Nicholl, Colorado Springs

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