Reader: Trump is a walking, talking "ist" 


A friendly note to those who continue to support Trump (note: I refuse to call him "President") after all that he has done to threaten the stability of the United States, if not the world. The man is a walking, talking "ist," as demonstrated by the following list:

Personal Traits: Racist, Misogynist, Narcissist, Con artist, Fabulist (liar!), Alarmist (fearmonger), Chronic antagonist, Impervi-ist (doesn't listen).

Political Traits: International separatist, Collusionist, Monarchist, Trickle-downist, Czarist, Tariffist, NRA protagonist, Anti-scientist, Pollutionist.

With this latest stunt, the National Emergency Declaration and fund-shifting plan to build his ill-conceived WALL, we can add "Anti-constitutionalist."

The Founding Fathers created the three branches of government for a good reason: to assure checks and balances so that no single branch could gain unchallenged power and influence. The funds that Trump plans to rob from previously approved projects were approved by Congress, which is supposed to control federal spending.

To simply declare that money needed for military construction, drug interdiction and Treasury forfeiture will be shifted to fund his pet project is outrageous and illustrative of how completely out of control Trump has become. He barely outshines Mitch McConnell (the ball-less wimp from Kentucky) in his temerity and disregard for constitutional integrity. Let the protests and suits begin. We will stop this!

— Gary A. Morse

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