Reader: Trump is only playing to his rich constituency 

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Donald Trump is the worst person to be leading this country.

The voters and non-voters have given him the gift of our legacy. A legacy paid for with the blood of patriots who believed in democracy and individual freedom. A legacy nurtured and upheld by many whose contribution to this country and its citizens is a shining example of sacrifice for the good of all.

As fitting of the man, Mr. Trump has selected a cast of persons completely incapable of representing the interests of our populace and has given them full authority to wreak havoc upon our earth, our economy and our values.

It appears that his supporters are slow to see the reality of their choice. It is understandable. We all are hopeful for better times.

But be sure of one thing, Mr. Trump is only playing to his small, extremely rich constituency who don't care if you have a job or whether you can afford insurance of any kind, can find affordable housing, can afford food for your families, can obtain clean drinking water, breathe clean air, have access to media without censorship or branding.

There is no end to the loss that is coming.

Let's roll back the Environmental Protection Agency. We never needed clean air or water, nor do we need to be proactive about our planet. The earth can't vote, let it take care of itself.

Please do listen to everything that Mr. Trump has said and has not said. Look at what he has done and whom he has enlisted to help him.

We have as our president a man who said he wants to "make America great again." You have little time to decide if he is truthful to that promise, but when you do, you won't need to tell me.

— Robert Wheeler, Colorado Springs

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