Reader: Trump is the "chosen" one? 


Now I've heard everything...

Jerry Falwell Jr. is creating and distributing a propagandist Hollywood-style film at his evangelical Liberty University insisting that God (with a little help from his pal Putin?) personally selected Trump to lead our nation, an "alternative reality" shared by many in his administration and his adoring followers.

The last time God purportedly sent a man down to this planet, he was kind, compassionate, peaceful, patient, humble; a man who graciously opened his arms and heart to the marginalized in society, setting a reflective example of love, unity and peace.

Soooo, this time we get a man who lies as easily as he breathes, is corrupt (given the exposure of his "charity," since he suspiciously refuses to reveal his business dealings), immoral, erratic, untrustworthy, manipulative, hostile, sexist, misogynistic, self-aggrandizing, racist and lacking in integrity. This is a man who openly mocks, disparages and destroys anyone who doesn't applaud him. This "chosen" man sets a disgusting example that either reflects a very damaged image of a just and loving deity, or reveals a demented God who decided to play the most destructive joke ever perpetrated on our nation. It's a real miracle that Falwell can/will somehow spin this rationally to believers.

I'm sure that Trump, who values power, control and attention more than anything, is thrilled at this boastful comparison to Christ. Clearly those most public about being moral "Christians" and accepting of this travesty have lost their way, blinded by the little bones he throws out to placate them and solidify their allegiance. His embarrassing behavior more closely resembles a crazed dictator than the leader of the free world; not exactly a shining example of the Christian values once held dear by our religious institutions.

— Donna Arnink, Colorado Springs

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