Reader: Trump's never heard "no" 


Let me predicate this letter by acknowledging the numerous men and women of the armed forces that gave their lives for all Americans to have our constitutional rights. One of the rights that I hold to be most sacred is the freedom of speech and expression.

Watching the beginning of the Denver and Buffalo game greatly encouraged me that I am not alone in thinking that this POTUS/sociopath has no business trying to influence or direct the behavior or protests of the individual players. Trump is the president, regretfully, of the United States. He is not the commissioner and does not have any ownership in the NFL. This makes his opinions and remarks as valid as mine, opinions only that carry no weight or enforcement.

One of the biggest problems that I see with baby man Trump is that no one has ever told him no! He has no idea that he was born into wealth. That he accumulated his wealth by stealing, declaring bankruptcy when he had the means to pay the contractors, but chose not to.

This pissing match between Trump and Kim Jong Un is an additional example of no one ever saying no to him. Trump has done nothing but disrespect other world leaders, such as Angela Merkel in the White House refusing to even shake her hand. Absolutely no couth, simple manners, or political acumen or experience.

I can only hope that the Democrats regain control of the House and Senate in 2018 and impeach him.

— James Shumaker, Colorado Springs

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