Reader: Trump's place in history is secure 


Dear Mr. President: The Dali Lama once said, “If you want to make people happy, practice compassion. If you want to make yourself happy, practice compassion.”

I can only speak for myself, and my household, but we love you. By your actions and your words, you have demonstrated that only with empathy and love can our society operate successfully. I define success, on any given day, as not having a nuclear holocaust occur on the Korean peninsula.

You are to be admired for working out on the golf course as often as your busy schedule permits. Fresh air, blue sky and exercise are always good for clearing the mind. I’m sure that if you had decided to turn pro, you would be the greatest golfer that ever lived.

Your love for your children and grandchildren is humbling. By your example, you encourage all your fellow citizens to up their parenting skills. Like yourself, I’m an aging baby boomer. The future belongs to future generations. We must always establish public policies that will benefit them, so we thank you for the Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court.

Now we have a Supreme Court that will only interpret the law the way the 37 Founding Fathers wanted. No 21st-century gobbledygook for us; only a good 18th-century viewpoint on the way a society should operate. Homo Sapiens are by nature conservative. Let tradition and closed-mindedness rule the day.

Thank you Mr. Donald John Trump. In my humble opinion, your place in the history books is secure.

— Roger Armstrong, Manitou Springs

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