Reader: Trump's presidency? Sad. No stamina. 

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Things have not gone well for the failed Trump presidency. Sad. No stamina.

Before the election we wondered if there was anyone Trump did not hate. He insulted women, liberals, Muslims, progressives, families of war dead, Democrats, fellow candidates, The Media, and so on.

Some wondered how anyone could possibly vote for this insulting, threatening megalomaniac.

He made wild promises. I'm wondering what prison Hillary Clinton is serving her time in — Supermax? Exactly what was she convicted of? What about the lawsuits promised against the half-dozen women who accused Trump of sexual assault?

Where's that glorious Wall? Will brainy terrorists simply cross from Canada?

Now he has dissed the judiciary, "so-called." If he refuses a federal court order, this should qualify as a major "crime and misdemeanor" required for impeachment.

My guess is that many who voted for Trump are having major "buyer's remorse." He is systematically dismantling the American government, one agency at a time, by appointing those committed to destroying the functions of the agencies they will head, and which many of them hate and want abolished.


— Larimore Nicholl, Colorado Springs

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