Reader: We all bleed the same 


I am an independent voter and a white old woman. And I have thanked my lucky stars since childhood for being born in America. As a child, I was protected from the discrimination against black and brown-skinned people. Over the years, I've learned a lot.

What we are doing to the Mexican and Central American people at our borders is criminal. They are simply seeking safety and opportunity in America. The current situation reminds me of the treatment of blacks prior to the Civil War. Slave owners sold their children, separated loved ones, caged them and abused them.

If you've ever had a blood transfusion, there's a chance it came from someone of color. We all bleed the same, love our children, and want to be safe where we live.

Government corruption and gang violence are rampant in the countries these people are escaping. What would you do to protect your family?

No, I don't believe in open borders, but people seeking asylum should be heard and given decent treatment, even if their admittance is denied. We treat our animals with far more compassion than these human beings.

— D.L. Nelson, Colorado Springs

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