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Paul Yingling's excellent column "White privilege, brown children" (Your Turn, Sept. 6) took me back to my youth growing up in a small segregated East Texas city in the 1940 and '50s. It was a town with a decidedly "right" (white) and "wrong" (black) side of the "tracks ... literally.

What a waste of human potential. Yet it was "accepted" as the way things were. The 1960s brought the Civil Rights movement, and things did change ... some ... but as recent events have shown us, not enough. We tend to pull together in times of adversity, but when things go back to "normal" we re-segregate ourselves. What a waste of human potential, and interaction. We're at our best as a society when all are included on an equal basis.

Let's hope that future generations will learn from our mistakes, and move toward a more just and equal society, as reflected in Mr. Yingling's family. Bravo, and long life to them all!

— Bob Armintor, Colorado Springs

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