Reader: Why not choose clean, sustainable energy anyways? 


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Although it seems hard for me to believe there are still those who don't believe climate change is human-caused, we all have the right to our own beliefs and opinions. However, for those who think current extreme weather is just normal fluctuations in long-term climate patterns I can only ask: Why Not? Why Not choose clean, renewable, sustainable, safe energy?

Jobs? New clean energy sources have the potential to generate exponentially more jobs than outdated sources such as coal. Energy independence? No other country owns our sun or wind. Cost? Although clean energy initially may cost more to develop and produce, the long-term expense will inevitably be much lower. Coal and oil are not infinite nor sustainable.

So no matter your beliefs regarding climate change, I can only ask why would we choose dirty, polluting energy over clean, renewable energy? Does the money, power, propaganda and control tied up with Big Oil and their lobby make it impossible to break with our fossil fuel dependency?

It's a complicated issue, but as stated by Neil deGrasse Tyson, renowned astrophysicist (vs. a reality TV "star"): "All the while, the glorious sun pours immaculate free energy down upon us, more than we will ever need. Why can't we summon the ingenuity and courage of the generations that came before us?"

Why indeed?

— Karin White, Colorado Springs

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