Reader: Yes, Congress, NRA, pundits — this is insanity. 


Yes, once again we hear the cries of suffering, anguish, agony and grief from the victims, survivors and families of those killed or wounded in yet another gun-induced massacre, and hear the obligatory moment of silence from Congress at this 18th slaughter of innocent people in 2018 by guns as weapons.

We will soon hear the padding of the NRA ("non responsible assassins") spokespersons treading the halls of Congress shoveling money to their patrons (like our own Cory Gardner, who is fifth on the list of Republican recipients and who took $3.9 million from the NRA) screeching that it is people not guns that kill people; followed by the roar of private jets from Washington, D.C., to Florida by K Street lobbyists and political operatives to persuade the 21 million Floridians (of whom an estimated 33 percent own guns), and their 29 Electoral College votes this is just "the new norm" and guns are not the problem; all the while the pro-NRA's right-wing instruments — Faux Noise (Fox News), Rush Limbaugh, et al and other alt-right pundits and talking heads — espouse and champion their twisted view of the Second Amendment.

At least, Mr. Gardner, introduce and pass legislation that will restrict the sale of semiautomatic guns and high-capacity magazines; as well be consistent as you are (were?) for states' rights regarding marijuana matters and not allow reciprocity for concealed carry across state lines.

Mr. Lapierre, where are/were the good guys with guns — again? Or to paraphrase Albert Einstein: "doing (allowing) the same thing over-and-over (to occur) with the same results is insanity. Yes, Congress, NRA, pundits — this is insanity.

— James M. Hesser, Colorado Springs

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