Reader: You call that town hall chaotic? 


While reading the Aug. 17 Gazette editorial I wondered if I had attended a town hall in an alternate universe rather than the one opined on, only to realize it was just more of the editorial board's biased blather, outright lies, misreporting and fake news.

I attended Sen. Gardner's town hall. It wasn't close to being chaotic. There were several people who behaved rudely, however nearly all of the 400 in attendance expressed their frustration in a non-hostile, non-aggressive manner.

Was there booing? You bet there was! When you've tried for months to get your "representative" to listen only to be sent dozens of form-letter responses, been ignored during contrived telephone town halls, and disregarded at the local office, you are motivated to make sure your voice is heard when he FINALLY turns up in person for the people who pay his salary.

The Gazette editorial misidentified one of the groups at the event. Members from the Colorado Action Network were there, which is not the Action Network the Gazette's editorial board wrote about.

The hypocrisy is nauseating. Where was the newspaper's condemnation when the tea party was violently disrupting town halls in 2009-10? What about violent Trump supporters who assaulted people during his campaign rallies?

Is it only free speech when you agree with the speaker?

I am not a radical, nor mindless. I am an American who is terrified about what's happening in our country. I try every day to engage in non-violent activism of some kind. Many individuals at Gardner's town hall are truly grassroots activists — and we're here to stay.

— Karin White, Colorado Springs

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