Reader: You have my vote if you answer these stormwater questions 


To City Council: We have received the slick ads in the mail promoting passage of the stormwater fee initiative. Three questions remain unanswered that will earn my vote.

Can you show me the written Maintenance of Effort clause that will require the current level of funds dedicated to stormwater to continue in addition to the newly collected revenue?

Given Pam Zubeck's article ("Burden of proof," News, Aug. 23) that stated that developer waivers were a contributing factor to the current stormwater problems, can you show me irrevocable language that will prohibit waivers to developers for all stormwater infrastructure for the duration of the imposed fees? Without this guarantee, we the people pay and the developers benefit.

Zubeck's reporting also revealed that the language of the ballot measure, which implies all non-residential properties will pay $30 per acre, is misleading because of the underlying ordinance. Properties such as The Broadmoor, First and Main, and New Life Church will not be assessed as one would expect from ballot language, but as calculated by a city department manager. Where does it specify that these payments will be public information, with an explanation of how they were calculated?

As you are all aware, if agreements and requirements are not in writing they do not exist and are not binding. The mayor said that people like this because it is simple. On the face of it, the ballot language is simple but deceptively so. Legally, ethically and morally our city needs to address our stormwater issues, but too many concerns have been ignored or concealed with this initiative.

— Mary J. Talbott, Colorado Springs

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