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Re: “Suthers survives a 'constitutional challenge'

Anyone that would trust John Suthers is crazy. He's a hack NeoCon Republican-Statist with the track record to prove it. He's a TABOR and a Bruce hater that likes his form of authoritarian big government only slightly less than a Progressive-nannyist like their form of big government.

If Colo Spgs elects him Mayor, they will get exactly what they'll deserve in a less friendly more dysfunctional city.

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Posted by RealMoney on 03/26/2015 at 12:07 PM

Re: “TABOR rears its ugly head

Good grief, John, you apparently never tire of spreading this baloney? Since TABOR passed, 22 years ago, you've been screeching and squawking like an over-bred laying hen in a coop full of Banty roosters.

With your fellow government-can-never-do-enough-stuff-and-then-some outliers, TABOR seems to be a personal Boogie Man keeping you all up at night for more than two decades. With your constant made-up fantasies of gloom, doom and destruction (that strangely never come true) from that giant TABOR Mothra, tearing through all of Colorado.

After 22 years a sane person would recognize TABOR hasn't been the problem it's been the solution. Colorado has been one of the consistently better economies through the bad times and the good of all the states or hadn't you noticed that in the last 2 decades?

The world hasn't crumbled nor has the infrastructure fallen down. The private sector and the taxpayers have gotten a lot more 'bang for the buck' and the government isn't the giant lumbering bureaucratic monstrosity like it is in so many other states, Red and Blue alike.

Is that what ticks you off so much John? The fact that there aren't more offices to stuff full of government employees, wasting money, time and having more people standing in line for "services?" Just so folks like you and other politicos can run for office to "manage" that giant monstrosity with all your bizarre theories of government to practice on the hapless taxpayer? You may need to find a new job, John. Nobody's buying it.

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Posted by RealMoney on 12/25/2014 at 1:07 AM

Re: “Targeted challenger

All the negative comments are so typical of those who run completely on rumor and innuendo, false or misconstrued facts and believe the state and county workers over anyone else. Anyone that has actually TRACKED the performance of the county, knows that a minor is many times more likely to suffer harm when in the hands of the county or state agencies than a private foster home.

However, such things have certainly never stopped the aggresively ignorant from making all kinds of stupid statements about almost any situation under the sun.

I also find interesting how supposedly "social conservatives" are the least tolerant and obviously unwilling to allow for redemption. They just make stupid comments about how "scared" they are that children could be harmed, when the chances of that are less than walking them outside to be struck by lightening. The level of ridiculous, irrational fears and insecurities are the real story of modern day America. Of course, I guess it goes to the poor level of math skills they received in public schools and inability to understand and apply statistics.

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Posted by RealMoney on 04/21/2012 at 1:21 PM

Re: “Douglas Bruce: a different perspective

Humorous, but hardly touching John. Like every other attack by the City, the County, the state, they will all fail. Doesn't it mean anything to anyone that his opponents have NEVER won a single case in the last 20 years? Interesting how after all these years the Dougster's opponents think suddenly that the system is going to beat him, when these were probably the most trumped up charges of any case. The whole theory of the AGs case was just laughable. the only reason they convinced a jury was with a blizzard of irrelevant nonsense. Several quotes from jurors after the trial proved that.

No, sorry John, the state will lose on appeal, the Dougster will go free and once again everybody else will have egg on their faces. Anyone want to put a significant sum of money down betting against his appeal will over turn the conviction? And I mean real money?

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Posted by RealMoney on 12/30/2011 at 1:48 AM

Re: “Wrongs and taxpayer rights

Jeff Crank dislikes Doug Bruce because Bruce supported Lamborn instead of him for Congress and because of the heavy criticism Douglas and other TABOR supporters gave Congressman Hefley, when Crank worked for him. Hefley was just another Big Government Republican.

Just like Suthers. The AG and Douglas Bruce have a long history and not very friendly. The AG is another big government statist Republican who is not really a friend of TABOR. Morse is dead wrong about Suthers motivations just because he's a Republican. There's a whole lot of Republicans in this state that hate Douglas Bruce every bit as so many Democrats.

This is all sour grapes stuff by longtime TABOR or Bruce haters. Waller's comments are just nutty. TABOR was Douglas Bruce. The two are inextricably linked and he borrowed no language from any legislative bills in authoring the amendment. That's just nutty and Waller knows it..

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Posted by RealMoney on 12/30/2011 at 1:26 AM

Re: “Local GOP censures secretary Sarah Anderson

Now is the time to turn up the heat. The NeoCon Establishment is killing the Party and helping the Democratic Establishment kill the Republic. Those people are out of ideas and out-to-lunch with few principles and little knowledge of history, the Constitution and the true nature of our Republic. The longer they remain in power the further down the tubes the party will go.

If true Republican conservatives want a Party that represents them, the thing to get rid of are the NeoCon Establishment. NeoCons like the Bremer(s), Stephens, Liston, Gardner, Waller, Barker, etc., should be booted from the Party and run out of town on a rail the same as in the 19th century. They are both opportunistic and aggressive looters of the Party philosophy and values. Fake Republicans have been running the party for a decade. The followers of Karl Rove and Leo Strauss have brought the Party to this state, not Sarah Anderson.

The EPC GOP leadership what to lay all their failures at Sarah's feet. they're nothing more than cowards and hypocrits. The open GOP Precinct Leader positions should be swarmed by the Liberty and Freedom loving people RIGHT NOW!. That is the only way to be prepared to take control of the Caucus' and the leadership at upcoming meetings and assemblies. This is the last chance before 2012. Otherwise there is no to blame but ourselves.

Is there anything that will get the true conservatives off their asses before it's too late? anything?

Posted by RealMoney on 07/12/2011 at 1:24 AM

Re: “Coming to a head

Gee, no mention of all the party officers and elected officials, many of who are in the room on the exec cmte. who not only gave money but PUBLIC ENDORSEMENTS to Tom Tancredo as the Constitution Party's nominee for Governor. How come Eli Bremer didn't bring that up???

There is nothing in the By-laws that stops a Party official from calling out misbehaving elected officials. The By-laws only state the support of CANDIDATES not after the election. Does Eli expect every bad act of elected Republicans to get a pass? And where does Eli think this so-called "rule" stops? When the GOP official is a ChoMo or Rapist? It doesn't extend to violating the platform and principles of the Party with impunity as Stephens, Liston and other RINOs do?

Posted by RealMoney on 07/08/2011 at 12:24 AM

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