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Re: “Noted: Sean Paige chosen for Council seat

I love articles like this. What a load of hogwash and money scrunching. Lets not take into account the fact that each year for the past 5 and over the next 11 years, .9% of permanent colorado springs residents will retire each year and officially be on social security; thus under the "poverty line." Lets also not take into effect the fact that a hefty portion of people in this city are military either receiving housing pay or a free house, while living under the "poverty line." Im out and about every single day and I see job wanted signs all over. Target is hiring, Wal mart is hiring, SOS Staffing is hiring, so are firms and thinktanks like BoeCorp. The places that are losing people are ITT and other Space Based securities industries because of Obamas ridiculous plan of cutting the space warfare budget. Good to know that the sattelite tracking and imagery programs along with our early warning defense systems are not high on his "important" list. Much better to bail out GM and send their factories to Brazil. I have one of two things to say to those out of work in the Springs. A. Go out and find a job, even if its temporary. I don't want to hear you complain anymore. People are being hired every day. I don't care if you have a Master's degree, no job is below you if it feeds your family. Get over yourselves. B. If you voted for the current administration than you only have yourself to blame. Why you would think that a complete lack of experience made a good running platform for the presidency of an entire nation is beyond my comprehension. On that note, please vote for me next election. I have never been a senator, governer, mayor or house member, however i did organize a fundraiser for troop 119 boy scouts bake sale. Oh, and i promise you that I will put money back into your pockets, won't endorse pork barrel spending and end every war on the planet within two years. Yes I can!

Posted by RealTalk on 10/07/2009 at 2:38 AM

Re: “The resurrection of Pastor Ted

This is the most ridiculous and outlandish news story I have read in a long time. There must have been double coverage at the Cub Scouts Pinewood derby this weekend for The Independent to send a reporter out to actually talk to "pastor" Ted. Here is a man known for gay sex, soliciting male prostitutes and illicit drug use. This is not a "I didn't really inhale" case, this is hardcore drug use. There is no newsworthy resurrection of Ted Haggard. He split the Springs with hundreds of thousands of dollars from the church and went to go on his soul searching "walk in the wilderness." Whatever he found out about himself is between him and God and I am not going to judge the man on where he is now. Wherever that may be, this man should never be allowed to be ordained or preach to anybody again. The evil that he committed might be washed from his body, but the stains he left on a church and an entire community will never fade. To the author of this story, I will send you a personally signed welfare check if you retract this article and burn the story. Im assuming you wrote this only to put food on your table. I would rather read an article about a wart on your nose and how it affects sneezing than suffer through this blasphemous crap about a man who is no longer newsworthy. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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Posted by RealTalk on 10/07/2009 at 2:25 AM

Re: “Letters

In response to Sharlene White. I almost stopped reading your post after the third reiteration of racial hate and fake news in about 7 sentences. Right as I was about to go read some conservative driven hate mongering article I noticed the phrase "stopped the haters." After this literary gem was dropped on me like an epiphany on Obama, I had to stop and comment on your post. First of all, Fox News reports conservative news, much like MSNBC and CNN can do nothing but report liberal based viewpoints. In your glorious opinion, it was alright for CNN and MSNBC to stoke the fire on President Bush every single day because hey, he was a hater too! It is not very hard to figure out where you lean politically. I myself, am a hater. I was not a supporter of Bush, I am not a supporter of the current administration. What I am a supporter of is capitalism and the democracy that our nation was founded on. What we see going on right now is none other than pure socialist driven propaganda from an administration that harrumphs every time a reporter "dares" to call them out on the news. One thing I will give to Glen Beck is this, he is politically smarter than you or I will ever be. If you think he is bad, why don't you try listening to my personal favorite; Michael Savage. Glen Beck will tell you exactly how it is, whether you agree with him or not. He is not a politician and could never be one. You are offended because he has an opinion and does not sugar coat it? Let me tell you one thing you might not know...a conservative radio show is the most listened to radio show in the nation. That's right, Howard Stern was replaced by Rush Limbaugh as the most listened to show in the country. That's because there are lots of us haters out there that are tired of the liberals taking our hard earned money and spreading it out evenly to people that haven't worked a day in three years. I have an idea that might help you out in the long run. Pick up your remote and turn on the Communist News Network in lieu of Fox. If you want a news channel that is geared towards your political leanings then listen to it. Let us haters listen to a channel that is geared towards us. Oh, and in retrospect, if you weren't just another sheep blindly following, you would know that you can research any and all of Beck's comments and find out they are pretty darn accurate.

Posted by RealTalk on 10/07/2009 at 2:16 AM

Re: “The myth of a killer in love

dfgds, so because you knew him for five years that means that he's not a twisted sadist with mental problems? Pretty sure his Myspace page and other indicators should have been enough to steer you clear of him. If that was not enough, here you are spouting off about we all just misunderstand him...I don't care if he gave a puppy a new home every day of his life, he murdered people in his sick, twisted obsession of a girl that knew better than to stay with him. Im not going to blame his mother or father or friends for what he did, everyone is responsible for their own actions. However you speaking out on his behalf makes you just as much of an ignorant idiot as he was. I hope you know that he has a warm cozy seat down in hell for all eternity. Imagine that next time you watch a little girl playing in the street or a little boy chasing a ball. YOUR bastard friend ended the life of someone's child, and tried to kill even more.

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Posted by RealTalk on 10/07/2009 at 2:01 AM

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