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Re: “Poll: Bach leads Skorman

TFBR, first off thank you for the apology. My main problem is usually it's always a generalization. When anyone says "city workers" they are referring to Fire and Police as we are also city workers. When "city workers" get there health benefits cut, loose vacation benifits, and get no pay increases for years it DOES include Fire and Police. The problem I have with Bach is he like pretty much every other politician says he will continue to take away benefits and pay from "city workers" to help balance the budget. The problem is though that it's not the evil city workers that is the problem. It goes back to my original comment. The politicians will spend money on stupid things before thinking about returning some benefit they took from all city workers such as turn on some street lights that really didn't affect crime rates or cause any problems. Again I want to reiterate that I am very grateful to be employed, however let's NOT forget I EARN my paycheck doing something many in the population are unable or unwilling to do. I also am well aware that I am replaceable but like to think I am an asset to the organization and thus an asset to the citizens I serve. I can't support someone who is so short sighted that they really think city employees have it so great and they can balance the budget on their backs. I can't speak to other city departments but I am of the opinion that they aren't the cause of the city's problems either. Again I do thank you for the support.

Posted by reasoning citizen on 05/06/2011 at 11:14 AM

Re: “Poll: Bach leads Skorman

Sometime ago I wrote a comment regarding benefits for city employees verses turning on street lights to which you proceeded to bash and essentially say city employees are the reason the city is in the condition it is in.  I responded to your comment when I had the opportunity but I doubt you saw it as other news became more important.  
You said you would gladly take my job and for less.  I wrote back telling you maybe you should try and get a city job if it is so great.  I know both the Fire Department and the Police Department are hiring.  You see, I put in the effort and got employed and serve the citizens of this city daily, at times putting my safety and welfare to the side to protect the citizens.  
Im sure it was easy to write the comment, however it is an entirely different thing to actually do it.  Even if you qualified and had some experience doing this unique type of work I doubt you would have the desire to do it.  Get shot at, get assaulted, get spit on, get called names, you name it plus more and I have experienced every one of them more than once.  Most people don’t want to do that.  Its easier for them to be some top commenter for the independent letting everyone know how they should feel.  
If you really are unemployed just put half the effort into looking for a job as you do writing your daily comments and I am sure you will have great success.  I for one won't take your advice. 

Posted by reasoning citizen on 05/05/2011 at 12:08 PM

Re: “Noted: $17.3 million city surplus

TFBR, I dont need to quit for there to be room for you to get hired by the City and enjoy all the so called "great pay and benifits". Just apply to the Police Department as a Police Officer like I did many years ago. Or is it possible that when I applied and finally got hired after several attempts that you were employed somewhere that was thriving and you were making considerably more money plus profit sharing, etc etc. Meanwhile I was happy, as a I am now to have a decent paying job but just like private employees I have to pay more for everything without the benifit of bonuses and the like to have stashed away for a rainy day. We all have choices in life TFBR, I chose one course and you chose another. If the economy was different and you were still employeed then maybe you and I would have a different outlook. As it stands I picked a career years ago in something I knew had a measure of security without a potential of getting big bonuses or profit sharing but thought I would at least be valued as an employee.
The truth is many people dont want, or dont qualify for a job in my profession and that is ok but there are opportunities out there. I recently saw an opening with utilities for an engineer. Why not apply for that. All I am saying is shouldn't quality employees rate somewhere higher on the list of priorities than turning on some streetlights that pretty much no one even noticed were off??
I would like to think so but I'm sure many people that are upset that I still have a job and tell me to quit would rather have some lights on. I'm pretty sure even if every employee with the Police Department quit it wouldn't solve the cities problem since they would have to hire someone to go out and take care of the problems in the city.
I'm sure someone will complain that all the police do is write tickets but that is very short sighted. We do plenty besides write tickets. Just check our homicide clearance rates and you will find it is one of the best in the country. Thats because we have quality employees that really care about doing a great job for the victims despite the city making streetlights more important than the employees.
TFBR I dont know you or what kind of person you are. Im sure you are a good decent person just trying to make a difference but I do know it takes a special kind of person to do the work I do. Not just anyone can come off the street and do my job. I have years of experience and training and enjoy using it so I can help people that have been victimized. I dont do it for the money otherwise I would have quit years ago and worked for the defense making a lot more money. It would just be nice to be appreciated a little bit more than a street light.

Posted by reasoning citizen on 04/18/2011 at 3:38 PM

Re: “Noted: $17.3 million city surplus

White Rabbit, dont get me wrong I am thankful to have a job. The difference is at least in the private sector when times are good there is much more potential to make a considerable amount more. With the city we may or may not see any increase. The last raise I have seen was 1% split up .5% at the beginning of the year and the other .5% in July but as I said it has been years since I have seen that. If I was able to retire right now which I cant I would pay around $1000 for health insurance for me and my spouse each month. Im not in a manager position and at retirement will be looking at around $2000 a month which is pretty comporable to what I would get with Social Security if I paid into that system. Then pay my health insurance and I'm down to $1000 a month. I dont pay into it anymore but pay into PERA. I have paid into S.S. when I was younger but do not have enough credits to collect so that money basically went for others. My main point is why does the city want to waste money on things that we found we can do without, ie street lights and trash cans.

Posted by reasoning citizen on 03/25/2011 at 12:44 PM

Re: “Noted: $17.3 million city surplus

As a city employee having not seen a raise in years, paying more in health insurance, with the cost of living increases how about helping out the employees. Why is the city going to waste money turning back on street lights that obviously didnt cause mass crime increases as some tried to say it would. Why put trash cans back in the parks? Obviously citizens carried their own trash out as I didnt notice large piles of trash in the parks I frequent on occasion. I understand fixing potholes but the mayor is missing the point. How about taking care of the city's biggest asset, the employees instaed of returning unnecessary services. We also lost 24 hours of vacation last year, how about returning that? Yeah I didnt think so even though it doesnt actually cost the city money. That was a numbers game to make the city council and mayor look good not actually saving the city money. It seems employees are always last around here.

Posted by reasoning citizen on 03/25/2011 at 9:26 AM

Re: “Crimes of punishment

Why does David Fathi or for that matter any of us care about the vast majority of idiots in supermax prisons. They are there for a reason and I think a large percentage of them will NEVER be elligible to be reintegrated into society and I think most of society with the exception of Mr. Fathi and other like minded individuals at the ACLU like it that way. I guess Mr. Fathi would prefer if some criminal raped your daughter and then tortured her and killed her that maybe he should get some counseling, an ankle monitor and of course his promise that he wont do that again instead of supermax prison. NO Mr. Fathi life and decisions we all make have consequences. You and other like minded individuals make me ill.

Posted by reasoning citizen on 02/03/2011 at 2:51 PM

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