Recovery? What recovery? 

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No matter what the pundits and commentators claim, the economy continues to flounder, and prices are soaring. Increasing numbers of people are growing their own, making do, tightening the belt in new ways.

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Greg Reilly from the UCCS area is a counselor and theater professional

Name a way you've become more frugal. I buy off-brand, generic stuff whenever I can, and I've had to cut back on driving.

What do you make of the growing popularity of urban farming? It's kind of cool in a weird sort of way. I'm afraid of bees, though. I can do without beehives nearby.

If you had to rely for survival on selling something you make yourself, what? I'm an actor, so I guess it'd be my pretty face.

What's always better homemade? Spaghetti. And it's always even better the next day.

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Erin Whalen from Castle Rock does voiceovers

Is there a way you've cut back recently? I got rid of cable and Internet. I use neighbornet now, and stream Netflix through that.

What's your view of urban homesteading? I'd probably do it, too, if I had the space, although I have no interest in waking up to a rooster at 5 a.m.

If you had to rely on selling something you make yourself to make ends meet, what? Beadwork, jewelry.

What always tastes better homemade? Bread. And bacon straight from the butcher.

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Marc Neihof from the west side is a Colorado Springs Philharmonic musician

Name a way you've become more frugal. I'm trying to drive less, and I make my own beer.

What about farmers markets are you most looking forward to this summer? The green chiles. And some decent tomatoes, for once.

If, to survive, you had to start selling something you make, what would it be? I could probably sell my beer and play music on the corner.

What's something that's always better homemade? Ice cream.

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Mary Harrison from Rockrimmon is a psychologist

Are there ways you've cut back recently? I love to travel, but I've cut way back on trips, especially with three children in college.

What items are you most looking forward to vis-à-vis farmers markets or growing your own? Really good salsa. Also, my husband built a greenhouse in our backyard. It's the only way to get good tomatoes any more.

What do you make of the urban farming trend? It's a way to get back to the land a little. We have neighbors who dabble in that.

What's always better homemade? Sauerbraten and red cabbage.


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