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Re: “Flying solo

JohnH.....Who are you to stand in judgment on anyone. I really thought you "got it"! Evidently not, since you are still on here trying to tear McKenzie down. You did not like the name calling when you were the one being called out, but here you are once again acting like judge and jury!
I think you are lying about where you live, I think that friend you are trying to defend is the ex wife. This is where we need to let the Judical System do their job, whether they are being fair or not in your eyes, that is where the case for now. You are just wasting a lot of time and energy going after this person. When "your" openion doesn't really count except maybe to the ex wife! Looks like McKenzie has many "real" friends and they are coming out to stand beside him.

Posted by re:flying solo on 04/10/2011 at 1:08 PM

Re: “Flying solo

JohnH..... Sounds to me like you are on a guilt trip concerning your friend and placing blame on all bipolar patients or anyone that doesn't think or act like you. Sounds to me like you like to torure anyone with a mental illness. Sounds to me like you are one of those people (kids) that like to "bully" and kick people when they are down. Sounds to me like you are part of the ex wife's family. That 's the only reason for your baggering of this man. SO, WHAT IS "YOUR" REAL STORY. If you were as good a friend as you seem to think you are, you would be out there trying to help that person with unconditional love and not wasting your time with comments about someone you say you don't even know. If someone has a good friend, they don't turn their back on them. I think that is absolutely what you did and you probably messed around with his wife and now you are trying to blame anyone you can. Again, Shame on you!!!

Posted by re:flying solo on 04/09/2011 at 8:55 AM

Re: “Flying solo ------ You need to get over yourself. This article isn't about the ex wife it is about a young man with a mental illness called Bipolar who has lost everything! And yes, John H., he has been on a roller coaster ride, from the top all the way to the bottom! Just because your friend did what he did doesn't mean another person who is diagnosed with Bipolar is going to go down the same path. Why are you so adamant that McKenzie is anything like your friend?
By keeping up with this story, I thought I would learn more about this mental disorder. The most I have learned is how mean our fellow men and women can be, no mater what the problem. I have seen judge and jury comments, heart breaking stories and unbarable prejudice against McKenzie. Haven't any of you ever had someone in your family that didn't suite your taste, whether it be a disease, mental illness, aunt, uncle, mom, dad, sister, brother, etc. etc.?
A member of my family tried to commit suiside last week all because he/she hasn't the courage to get help with a drug addiction problem, That person is so afraid of what people might "say" about them. That person doesn't even want the family asking for prayer in church because people will talk badly of them and behind their back. I used to think this was just an excuse for not getting help until I started reading this article and the comments that followed.
I have a lot of respect for McKenzie simply because he has opened himself up to the world. I don't know if he had a clue as to how the public would respond or if he would do it again. One of the finest things he stated in the article is "I can't change anything that's happened. Dwelling on it doesn't make it any better. So just live for tomorrow."
Unfortunately, there are lots of "dwellers" out there. What a shame!

Posted by re:flying solo on 04/08/2011 at 9:43 PM

Re: “Flying solo

Well; Dakin808, are you Heidi's lawyer or just family and friend??? Why are you so adamant about crycifying Grant?
I have personally followed this case since Milutary Trial! I do know some of the things that has happened along the way. I do know the McKenzie family and know that Grant's Mom and Dad have been married for over 40 years. That means they are "Family" folks. Family takes care of family, very simple. Some of you just don"t seem to get that!!!

That being said, I won't to touch on one topic; child support. I understand Grant did pay his "Child Support" payments until the job in Africa ran out! When he was not working his parents stepped in and helped. This is what family does!!!! If you have ever seen them with their Grandchildren, you would understand them helping. It isn't like Heidi never got any "Child Support"! When Magistrate Hernandaz-Sullivan "ruled" the payments almost double what was being paid, the payments stopped. (Who among you could have added almost $1,600.00-+ to your existing every month bills?) Grant did pay something when he worked. It's not like he paid nothing. By the way Heidi was made an offer of previous Child Support and catching up the arears. She refused and did not come back with a counter offer. If she is so desprate for money (to buy milk for her children) she would have come back with some kind of counter offer.

Grant is not the "Dead Beat Dad" some of you are trying to lable him and nither is his family. When one member of this family hurts, the whole family hurts. The family has said they would rather be putting this money spent on Lawyers + what ever else the Magistrate ask, in savings for the grandchildren's education.

Posted by re:flying solo on 03/27/2011 at 10:20 AM

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