ReLeaf: Fall 2017 (Digital flip-book) 

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In the midst of our daily grind, it can be tough to stop and smell the roses. But everyone — whether you spend your days serving tables or steering a company or just finding your next meal — could use more opportunities to clear the mind, invigorate the senses and realign that creative energy. For some of us, cannabis is integral to reaching that flow state. Time opens up and new thoughts pour in. That’s when those sparks of inspiration happen — you know, those nuggets that seemed brilliant in the moment, but maybe a bit far-fetched when you revisit your notepad the next day.

This issue of ReLeaf is meant to pay homage to the beauty of cannabis, for the way it inspires creation, art-making and fresh thinking. So, while you may come to the Independent for your weed news — the sometimes dense but important information about a newly legal industry — consider this issue a chance to step back from the politics and revel in the simple magic of this complex plant.

In this issue, you’ll get to know three artists who are making a go of glassblowing in Southern Colorado, plus admire the glossy images of their heady creations. We also take you to a local studio that’s offering patrons a chance to partake while painting — like a session with Bob Ross but in real life. And we get into the heads of cannabis industry professionals who are driving the aesthetic makeover of a product that’s very quickly gone from illicit to high-end. Finally, we talk to local healers about cooking up some beautiful medicine.

Happy perusing!


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