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Re: “Brewing terrorism

I am pressed for time, but, to answer a few of Patriot Greens questions.

I have felt that the individual rights of the citizen have been being systematically eroded since the Theodore Roosevelt administration. Looking at history. From personal recollection, our personal liberty and consequently, our right to self determination and actualization began a somewhat steady decline with John Kennedy and Johnson. It accelerated with Carter. The second Bush under a democrat congress pushed the welfare mentality and government entitlements to the edge. This current congress and president deliberately kicked it over the edge with no regard to how to pay for it. I have never voted strict party politics but evaluate each individual based on my own perspective.

I am very angry about policies that encourage people to over extend themselves. I am opposed to Cap and Trade and to government run health care. I am opposed to the current income tax code.

I am not a member of the "Tea Party" movement. I have never attended one of their ralleys. I do agree with their overall message in many ways.

I do not feel that they are nearly as inclined toward violence as the Bill Ayers, Malcome X, SDS, Faracon and ELF people of the 60s to the present,or even the anti war people of the last Bush period. The track record of these people is clear and undisputed.

I feel that the Tea Party people will help blunt the current trends as long as they stay on message and unite behind political candidates who support their goals and objectives. They must keep their message simple and make it clear that they will not go away after 2010 and 2012. They must remain continually vigilant and hold elected officials fully accountable for every vote.

I believe in limited government involvement in peoples lives. I accept the need for government funded public safety to enforce public order and to protect all from disasters both natural and man made regardless of economic status. I have no problem with public funding of the roads we all use and the parks we all enjoy. I support a strong military but question our mission abroad. My father was a Navy Officer who served in both WW2 and Korea. My Uncle the same. My Father inlaw is retired Air Force. My brother in law is a retired Marine Major with multiple deployments. My son in law is an Air Force Captain and jet pilot. My best friend's son is an Army Intel. officer. I form my final opinions on our military from speaking to them directly. No one else's opinion means much to me.

I am opposed to nearly all but not all eminent domain laws.

I want a clean environment as long as we do not have to become a third world economy to do it. I am a true "Skeptic". I take nothing on "faith". I look to the scientific method for proof. I accept that we will never know the answer to everything.

I support legalizing Marijuana similar to alcohol. I believe in giving people freedom with enough restrictions to protect other peoples freedoms at the same time. Then in the case where people make stupid choices they should be punished severely.

Patriot Green.... I hope this answered some of your questions. Sorry for being verbose.

Posted by retired7 on 04/16/2010 at 11:31 AM

Re: “Brewing terrorism

I have worked since age 9. My entire adult life I have been self sufficient. When I could not afford health insurance I did without and never expected anyone else to pay my bills. When I could afford insurance I payed full price for it.

Do not expect me to let those who cannot or choose not to afford medical insurance force me to pay for theirs as well as mine. I worked for everything I have and I should never be forced to pay anyone elses way. No one every payed my way. If you cannot afford something do without until you can. I did it and now that I can afford it don't expect to take yours from me. If I choose to give to charity, it will be my choice and my choice alone. Not the government run welfare state.

Posted by retired7 on 04/16/2010 at 8:59 AM

Re: “Brewing terrorism

So I guess pushing for the assassination of President Bush was OK ??? Where was the left when this was going on?? Hanging out with admitted terrorists like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn was OK?? Jeramiah Wright was OK? What is fair for one is fair for all. Is it OK that nearly half the working population pays no Federal income taxes making the rest of us pay twice as much is OK??

Posted by retired7 on 04/15/2010 at 9:17 AM

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