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click to enlarge Local gospel outfit The Sonflowerz get some love from - the Gospel Music Association  and a nod from Adam.
  • Local gospel outfit The Sonflowerz get some love from the Gospel Music Association and a nod from Adam.

Welcome back to another installment of Reverb, where I generally ramble on about various happenings in the world of the "tragically hip." This week I am going to "break the mold" and talk about a couple of subjects I have absolutely no business talking about: gospel music and keyboards.

Now, I can listen to a nice, deep spiritual yarn from the man J.C. any day of the week, and twice on Sunday. (I mean Johnny Cash not Jesus Christ.) And J.C. himself would help me open up some "whoop-ass" if you even tried to say Mahalia Jackson wasn't the greatest singer ever to grace God's green Earth. (That time, I was talking about Jesus.)

Beyond that, I am certainly no regular in the Sunday choir. I do, however, know that when gospel music's good, it's real good. And, apparently, The Sonflowerz are (excuse my language) really damn good! The local acoustic rock group was recently named the Gospel Music Association's "Vocal Group of the Year."

Also pulling some much deserved recognition to our city would be the electronic music act Galactic Anthems (aka composer Glenn Adams), whose latest venture is a sci-fi comic book by Matt Howarth coupled with a full 55-minute electro-campy-nerd-scape soundtrack entitled Semper Fidelity. (I would continue, but as you can tell by my use of the word "electro-campy-nerd-scape" I have absolutely no idea what I am talking about.)

Thankfully for Glenn, Keyboard Magazine knows enough to name him its "Unsigned Artist of the Month" for August 2007. Let's hear it for Glenn!

Let's also hear it for El Toro de la Muerte and Autokinoton, who showed Denver "how we do it in the Springs" at last weekend's DenverFest. The yearly citywide (and mile-high) festival, which follows the time-tested "X by XX" format (too many bands at too many venues), also featured, to much ado, the reunion shenanigans of Crestfallen, Christie Front Drive, and a band so volcanic in their eruptions that it got my wife and me ejected from our own wedding reception, The Volts! So anyway, thanks for representing our 'burb, boys. Next year, let's send more bands. And the year after that, even more!

Finally, once again I have to bring down the tone and report the loss of a revered and respected member of the music community. Mike Pittman, owner of Pitt's Drum Shop, passed away last week unexpectedly, just hours after performing with his band, local metal-punk heroes Hellstrum. Pitt's Drum Shop is Southern Colorado's only pro drum shop, and Mike and his staff, for years, have provided knowledge, expertise and understanding that no corporate chain store could match.

Despite Mike not getting to enjoy the shop's new location on Academy and Carefree truly "opening for business," his family will try keep the shop going in his memory. A series of benefits was held last week at Union Station, but I am sure his family members could use all the love and support they can get right now. You can send contributions to the Michael Pittman Memorial Fund, c/o ENT Federal Credit Union, P.O. Box 15819, Colorado Springs, CO 80935-5819.

Better yet, go into the drum shop and buy some equipment.

Hopefully that will be the last of the bad news for a while. That's all for this week stay tuned!

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