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So, I've been covering the local music scene here at the Indy for roughly 20 straight weeks now, and one thing is becoming painfully and abundantly clear: Although the region is home to an abundance of interesting, innovative and talented musicians, we are seriously lacking in promotional skills.

I mean, honestly people, how hard is it to borrow a digital camera, put on your fancy pants, and snap a few decent (high-resolution!) promo shots? For Christ's sake, you have to do more than just post your shows on MySpace! Put up some fliers (campuses, cafs, music stores, coffee shops) preferably before the day of your show (one week minimum, two weeks is best). And if you're hoping for some print love, send out a press release.

Or, just ask The Mansfields how they did it.

Yes, after nearly 10 years of relentless and undying D.I.Y., fake it 'til you make it, dogged punk rock determination, The Mansfields have finally landed exactly where they ought to be: with an exclusive worldwide deal with Gearhead Records, home to such brilliant and globe-spanning punk 'n roll bands as L.A.'s The Lords of Altamont, New York's Turbo A.C.'s and Japan's Electric Eel Shock and Gitogito Hustler. Oh, and they also happen to be the label that helped launch The Hives, of Sweden, to international rock 'n roll glory. And now, The Mansfields are added to that impressive list!

Plans for the new year include: a spot in the Gearhead Records showcase at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, in March; the band's third European tour (including an appearance at the legendary Reading Festival); and their first tours of Japan and Australia. See, everybody? It can be done. You just have to keep working for it!

Another local band that's doing it is Denver's The Photo Atlas, who was recently described by the Alternative Press as "the result of unprotected sex between The Faint and At The Drive-In." And ABC News (LOL!) calls the Atlas sound "sharp-edged post-punk a la Franz Ferdinand and The Rapture ... at its most vulnerable."

After more than two solid months of touring the album No, Not Me, Never, The Photo Atlas will be making one last stop at The Black Sheep on Friday, Dec. 7, with Bright Light Fever, Acadia and the Asteroid, and A Novel Form. Then it's back to the studio for them, and more paranoid, desperate and utterly danceable disco-punk for us! Woo hoo!

In other good news: The Rocket Room's Dave and Shalonda Cantrell have announced the arrival of their new bouncing baby boy, a natural born, heart-breaking, rock 'n roll rebel with Danger for a middle name. Literally. His name is Henry Danger Cantrell, and word on the street is that he's a handsome little devil. Ma, Pa and little Hank are reportedly doing well, as is The Rocket Room, which will host a couple of noteworthy shows this week: The Wheel and Posis for the hippies on Friday, and a free show with Thirteenth Victim (from Austin, Texas) and Stab Crew for the punks, on Tuesday. Anyhow, way to breed, guys! Way to breed!

That concludes this week's Reverb. Until the next time, smell you later!

Be legit like The Mansfields and send your latest band news, shows, photos and demos to Adam at adam@csindy.com.


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